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Each month we select an outstanding student athlete from UIL based on nominations that are sent to Evan.Shapiro@nfhsnetwork.com by the 25th of each month.


Check out March's UIL Scholar Athletes. 


Karolina Khudanyan





Mansfield Lake Ridge High School

GPA: 4.18, #2 in her class

4 year letterman for Swimming

Team Captain






What do you love about participating in UIL activities?

I love the competitiveness involved in UIL activities. It pushes me to perform my best and to continually practice every day. I’m always determined to reach my goals, then, once those have been achieved, to set new ones. At UIL competitions, it’s great to see other students /athletes just like me who are constantly improving their skills and to witness the amazing results that come from their endless amount of dedication.


What’s one of your favorite memories of participating in high school activities?

This year actually, at my Regional Swim Meet, the Lake Ridge girls relay beat Granbury High school by eleven one-hundredths of a second in the 200 Freestyle Relay; qualifying us for the State Meet. At the end of the race, I remember hugging my teammates then, suddenly, out of nowhere, my coach, Blake Kahla, practically leaps on top of us. It was a great feeling to know that all our hard work paid off, and to see my coach so ecstatic, was definitely a highlight of the season.


Temisan Kuyatsemi





Hastings High School

GPA: 3.83

Football, Basketball, Track

Volunteer for Alief Super Stars Pep Rally and Fun Run





What do you love about participating in UIL activities?

I love that no matter what extracurricular activity I’m a part of, I am always pushed to academic excellence. These activities help me learn how to balance multiple responsibilities, preparing me for future endeavors.


What has made you so successful as a scholar-athlete?

My success is credited to my hard working parents/ coaches who taught me the values of integrity and dedication. Being a student athlete takes a lot of dedication and competitiveness is wired in my brain, driving me to be beyond the best no matter what I do.




November 2015 Scholars






Weslaco High School, Weslaco Tx

GPA 3.56, Ranked 50th

3 year letterman for Volleyball

Member of the Weslaco Student Broadcasting Club

Treasurer - SkillsUSA - Audio Production Club







What made you so successful as a scholar-athlete?

It took commitment, sacrifice, and dedication to perform my best not only on the court but in the classroom. Everything I've accomplished was built upon the support of my family, teachers, and coaches. Without them none of this would be possible, with their help and dedication I will receive my Associate's in Engineering before I graduate High School.


What’s your favorite UIL memory?

Winning against PSJA Memorial last year to clinch the first playoff berth for our school since 2009 was truly unforgettable. Seeing the happiness in my teammates and coaches smiles was a special memory to cherish.



Matthew Garza





Mansfield Timberview High School - Arlington, TX

Number 1 in his class

Boys Swim Team Captain 

National Honor Society

Member of the Marching Band






What has made you so successful as a scholar-athlete?

Time management and hard work. You can never be successful in multiple things, whether that's sports and school or choir and band or theater and cheerleading, unless you learn how to split your time in a way that allows you to exert your best effort in both activities. I have found that even more important than time management is hard work. You have to be willing to go the extra mile, to work harder than the person you're competing against, to put forth more than one hundred percent effort every time. This is because if you're putting forth enough effort to be good, there is someone out there who is putting forth enough effort to be better.


What do you love about participating in UIL activities?

I love the competition and I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I do well in a competition or meet. I am competitive by nature and I love having the opportunity to go up against some of the best athletes and students in the state. I also love the feeling I get when I drop time in an event, break a school record, or qualify for regionals or state. It's unlike any other feeling I have experienced in my life.





October 2015 Scholars






 McKinney North High School – McKinney, TX

4.64 GPA; ranked 5th in his class

Academic All-District Football

Senior Class Secretary; Student Council Officer

McKinney Youth Leadership Leader






What has made you so successful as a scholar-athlete?

Time Management. To be successful in the classroom while also being involved in so many other programs and activities, I have forced myself to set aside blocks of time for everything I need to accomplish. There are times for my studies, my friends, my team, my family, my faith, etc. The tricky part is being organized, setting out a schedule or a plan, and sticking to it.


What do you love about participating in UIL activities?

I enjoy competing with my team on the grass because I enjoy watching our work pay off. We put in countless hours in the offseason, in the fall, and during the season to be successful in the 48 minutes we get each Friday night. We fight together through the tough times, so that we can continue to fight together during the season. 









Sam Houston High School – San Antonio, TX

3.92 GPA; ranked 5th in her class

All – District Softball and Volleyball; Volleyball Team Captain

Senior Class President

Member of the National Honor Society





What's one of your favorite memories of participating in high school activities?

High school activities have made my high school years exciting from sports to other clubs and organizations. My favorite memory was being named Newcomer of the year for District 28-3A volleyball in my freshmen and first year on varsity during the 2012-2013 volleyball season.


What do you love about participating in UIL activities?

I love participating in UIL activities because I love competition. Preparing and pushing myself to get better gives me a sense of accomplishment. Especially in volleyball because I work so hard to improve and be the best.




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