So Your Fantasy Team Lost...

Posted by Jacob Plunkett on 9/13/16 4:19 PM

It's tough.

You put in hours of work preparing for the season: scheduling mock draft after mock draft, reading every Matthew Berry article, talking trash to your friends with reckless abandon...

And now you're 0-1.

It's not the end of the world...but it may feel like it.

So here's our seven-step plan on how to cope with your inadequacies as a fantasy team owner, and how to ultimately turn things around.

1. Grieve


Best to do this privately.


2. Don't Panic


Put on a brave face so the rest of your league can't sense your fear.


3. Scavenge the Waiver Wire


Find nothing.


4. Make a Trade


Regret it instantly.


5. Pay More Attention to Matchups


Sit someone who will score 40 points.


6. Sit Back and Reflect on How Little Your Actions Matter in this (Almost Entirely) Random Game of Chance

Sweet serenity.


7. Regain Hope for Week Two


What could go wrong.


Tune in next week for our seven-step plan on coping with your 0-2 start!

Here's a preview:



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