How to Clip Your High School Highlights

Posted by Blake Rivera on 10/21/15 7:00 AM

Once your production is finished you can continue to produce great content through highlights.  A highlight is anything that stood out during your event. It could be a great touchdown catch in a football game or a memorable moment from a school play. 

Here’s how you get started:


When you see an intriguing moment during your event that you may want to make a highlight of later, jot down when it happened and a brief description.



Once your event has been uploaded for on-demand viewing, click create a highlight in the 'highlights' tab and refer to your notes as to when it happened and what it was that caught your eye.



Make an 'in point' where you highlight starts, and an 'out point' when it ends on the highlight creator window.  Make sure not to cut off anything important by making it too short, but also don't make it too long to where you lose the interest of your viewers.



When selecting a title and description, title it with pertinent information such as school name, the name of the person associated with the highlight and a brief description of what happened (i.e., Lakeside’s #10 John Roberts makes a 50-yard touchdown run vs Creekside).



If you have extra space in an additional text box for a description, feel free to add lengthier details of what happened in your highlight or you can tell viewers where to watch more great content (i.e., for more great highlights like this go to


Every week we select highlights for the Under Armour Highlights Show. Clip your highlights frequently and send to or tag them with #UAHighlights on social networks.  You never know when your highlight may make the show.   Happy clipping! 


Watch The UA Highlights Show  



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