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Posted by Cara Steinocher on 12/8/17 7:50 PM

It's our last BIG championship weekend of the season. Mother Nature may try to slow us down, but we're fighting back with these awesome games!

Preview these top matchups and tune in LIVE for another incredible weekend of high school football on the NFHS Network

1. #1 North Gwinnett vs. #2 Colquitt (GA)

Colquitt-County-Nate-Powell-13-e1453237768985.jpgImage via CorkyKell

Georgia’s Class 7A is often considered one of the most difficult classes in the country. Colquitt already has two state titles under its belt. North Gwinnett, on the other hand, is entering unfamiliar territory. They have only made it to the championship game twice, and fell short both times. We'll see if this season is any different. 

Players to watch...

North Gwinnett 

Warren Ericson / Class of 2018 / UGA Committ / #5 rated OC in the COUNTRY 

Cade Fortin / Class of 2018 / North Carolina Committ / #24 rated Pro-Style QB in the COUNTRY 

Jayden McDonald / Class of 2018 / Rutgers Committ / #73 rated OLB in the COUNTRY 

DJ Turner / Class of 2019 / Uncommitted / #24 rated CB in the COUNTRY


JJ Peterson / Class of 2018  / Alabama Committ / #2 rated OLB in the COUNTRY 

Steven Krajewski / Class of 2018 / Connecticut Committ / 

Game Time: Saturday, December 9th at 8:00 PM  


Watch #1 North Gwinnett vs. #2 Colquitt


2. #1 University Lab vs. #2 De La Salle (LA)

University-Lab-running-back-Mike-Hollins-663x280.jpgImage via Recruiting News

The De La Salle Cavaliers, led by 19 seniors, are headed to the championship game for the second time in school history. They will be facing off with the University Lab Cubs, who currently hold 3 state titles and 5 runner ups. De La Salle may be considered the underdogs, but they have arguably one of the best offensive lines in the state. 

Players to watch...

University Lab

Jordan Clark / Class of 2019 /  Uncommitted / #31 rated CB in the COUNTRY

Dylan Rathcke / Class of 2019 / Uncommitted / #15 rated player in Louisiana ( #51 rated OB in the COUNTRY)

De La Salle

Jamiran Jame / Class of 2018 / Tulane Committ / #86 rated DT in the COUNTRY

Lance Robinson / Class of 2018 / Kansas State Committ / #87 rated S in the COUNTRY

Game Time: Friday, December 8th at 12:30 PM 


Watch #1 University Lab vs. #2 De La Salle


3. #1 Mallard Creek vs. #3 Wake Forest (NC)


Image via HighsSchoolOT

Both teams are coming into the North Carolina 4AA Championship game undefeated.  The two teams also share a history between them. They met before in both 2013 and 2014 for the Class 4AA Championship game; Mallard Creek won both times. Wake Forest is looking to not only take this win from Mallard, but also to get their 2nd consecutive state title. 

Players to watch...

Mallard Creek

Jordan Davis / Class of 2018 / UGA Commit / #29 rated DT in the COUNTRY

Jawan Tate / Class of 2018 / #41 rated player in North Carolina (OT)

Parker Moorer / Class of 2019 / #37 rated SDE in the COUNTRY 

Wake Forest 

Devon Lawrence / Class of 2018 / North Carolina Commit / #19 rated RB in the COUNTRY

Javon Terry / Class of 2018 / North Carolina Commit / #100 rated S in the COUNTRY


Game Time: Saturday, December 9th at 12:00 pm 

 Watch #1 Mallard Creek vs. #3 Wake Forest


4. #3 Louisa County vs. #5 Salem (VA)


Image via Daily Progress

The Louisa Lions are making an appearance in a state final game for the first time in 11 years. They're headed for what should be a close match-up against the Salem Spartans. The Spartans have won the last two 4A Championships and are looking to make this the 9th state title in school history. 

Players to watch...

Louisa County

Brandon Smith / Class of 2019 / Uncommitted / #5 rated WDE in the COUNTRY


De’Angelo Ramsey / Class of 2019 / Uncommited / RB

Game Time: Saturday, December 9th at 5:30 pm 


Watch #3 Louisa County vs. #5 Salem



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