Before Your Event: Conduct A Site Survey

Posted by Blake Rivera on 8/31/15 7:00 AM

In the days or weeks prior to your LIVE production, it is critical that the Executive Producer conducts a thorough site survey. This entails visiting the venue and making a physical or mental list of items that need to be buttoned up beforehand, similar to the one below:

  1. Firm Up a Facilities Contact On-Site.  It is always good to have a contact at the facility to call upon in the event you get into a bind, or need an answer to an important venue-related question.
  2. Determine Your Setup Location.  Pinpoint exactly where you will put your camera operator, laptop operator, broadcast talent and equipment. Remember, the vantage point of action being captured should be good for all of the crew in order for them to do their jobs effectively.
  3. Identify Your Power Source.  Make sure the location where you're getting your power is near your broadcast setup. If not, be prepared to bring the necessary cables and power strips needed to make the magic happen.
  4. Confirm Your Internet Source.  Figure out if you will be using an Ethernet connection or connecting to a wireless network. Beware of any firewalls that need to be disabled or passwords needed to attain the proper connection.
  5. Check Your Upload Speed.  Once you have a confirmed connection, test your upload and download speed to get an idea of how well your broadcast will stream. The suggested minimum upload speed required for a stable stream is 2.0 Mbps. 

 Following these simple steps to prep ahead of time will help ensure a successful broadcast for your fans!

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