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Top Players on the NFHS Network

Posted by Blake Rivera on 11/18/16 2:38 PM

The playoffs are in full swing, and that means you're going to see the top talent that the high school football landscape has to offer on the NFHS Network. These three guys, in particular, are a few CAN'T MISS attractions for this weekend.

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Best Student Call of the Week

Posted by Blake Rivera on 12/2/15 7:00 AM

The quality of a live sports broadcast can be greatly enhanced by the commentating and the color.  Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you man the microphone:

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lamar (MO) makes it a 5th straight

Posted by Blake Rivera on 11/28/15 12:54 PM

ST. LOUIS, Missouri - - It was all business for Lamar Friday night at the Edward Jones Dome in downtown St. Louis. The Tigers cruised 37-0 over Malden, capturing a fifth straight state championship.

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Bozeman (MT) wins 3rd State title since 2010

Posted by Blake Rivera on 11/21/15 12:33 PM

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How to Clip Your High School Highlights

Posted by Blake Rivera on 10/21/15 7:00 AM

Once your production is finished you can continue to produce great content through highlights.  A highlight is anything that stood out during your event. It could be a great touchdown catch in a football game or a memorable moment from a school play. 

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A Basic Production Guide

Posted by Blake Rivera on 10/1/15 7:00 AM

You have completed your site survey and you're all crewed up for your upcoming event.  What's next?  Well, you need to put together a production guide that prepares talent and crewmembers for what the broadcast entails. 

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Before Your Event: Conduct A Site Survey

Posted by Blake Rivera on 8/31/15 7:00 AM

In the days or weeks prior to your LIVE production, it is critical that the Executive Producer conducts a thorough site survey. This entails visiting the venue and making a physical or mental list of items that need to be buttoned up beforehand, similar to the one below:

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