2017-2018 Select and Elite Criteria

Posted by Jacob Plunkett on 9/20/16 11:51 AM

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In order for a school to be considered for our honor roll program, they have to meet the requirements of the criteria listed below.

There will be approximately 40 schools selected for Elite status, and will be ranked accordingly to fulfilling each requirement below. Those schools that meet Elite status, but fall outside of the Top 40, will automatically fall into the Select category. The same ranking system will be in place for Select schools.

The selection process for honor roll schools will start in June, and schools status’ will be announced in August of 2017.

Select Criteria:


  • Schedule Season in Advance
  • Broadcast 35+ live sporting events
  • Must cover 4+ different sports
  • Must cover regular season events
  • Must produce quality broadcasts
    • Use producer graphics and game clock
    • Include videos/commercials
    • Have audio commentators
    • Advanced production hardware setups (ie video mixer etc.)
  • Contribute to the NFHS Network
    • Cut highlights
    • Submit to Annual Network Awards
    • Referred other schools
  • Involved in selling Discount Annual or Season pass sales
  • Engaged and active in marketing initiatives


  • Cover away games
  • Have your own broadcast brand (ie CCNTV, Panther Network, MHSLive etc)
  • Produce Network events


Elite Criteria:

Meets all Select Required and Preferred criteria in addition to the following:

  • Broadcast 50+ live sporting events
  • Must cover 5+ different sports
  • Must have student participation/School integration
  • Must have sold 100 passes or 50% codes redeemed

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